Frigel Group

The Frigel group is made up of Italian and foreign companies whose purpose is the design, production, installation, sales and service of systems & solutions for process cooling and temperature control used to control temperatures of industrial processes.

Frigel products and solutions are designed to fit specific cooling and temperature control requirements of several industries, such as Plastic & Rubber, Food & Beverage, Power Generation & Transmission, Data Centers, Chemical & Pharma, Metals, and others.

Frigel has matured in-depth knowledge of thermodynamic requirements in these industrial processes, allowing it to design “application-tailored” equipment and systems, to suit the peculiarities and needs of each specific application.

Four key factors are driving the design of optimal solutions for each Customer, namely productivity, efficiency, sustainability and reliability.

Frigel Purpose is that of “Engineering a more efficient and sustainable industry”

Frigel Vision is to “Be a global innovator of high performance, sustainable and quality engineered solutions for process cooling and temperature control technologies”.


Spontaneous Application

Apply and become part of our team

Working in Frigel means contributing to and participating in the success of a company that is world leader in cooling industrial processes.

Our international and multicultural teams work across 4 continents using the best knowledge and technologies towards our shared goal of creating innovations and the best solutions to satisfy our clients.


We live our passion for technology.

We are passionate about developing new technologies to meet the needs of our customers. We are driven by the chance to step up to new engineering challenges and to innovate constantly. If you want to work on high-tech projects with practical applications, Frigel s is the company for you.


Our commonebase is collaboration.

We innovate through teamwork. We step toward our goals with a multidisciplinary approach and our talented people collaborate with each other every day. As you progress within the organisation, you will understand what we mean by collaboration and how teamwork develops through interaction with other colleagues, other nationalities and other technologies for the benefit of our customers.


We believe that the only way to really know innovation is to do innovation.

Our mission is find always new solutions for our costumers finding new technolgies to improve our products. This process of continuous improvement, as well as having a direct and beneficial effect on sales and after-sales assistance, is increasingly consolidating the image of Frigel as a reliable, dynamic and quality-conscious company.

Active listening

The value of customer attention is represented by listening.

We are looking forward to listen to our customers, the market and our collaborators as we believe that only doing it we can anticipate what other will ask for us.